Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving today :(

Today is our last day in Brazil, for now. We are going to have lunch with Jim and Corene Thorp and head for the airport. Sorry blog updates have been slow, internet access isn't easy right now. Thanks for your prayers we look forward to seeing you all.


PS here are pics of Sao Vicente

Monday, August 3, 2009

hey sorry its been so long since are last post. We are doing well we are back in Sao Paulo. Staying with some friends. Moriah has been sick we ended up taking her to a children's hospital, they took X-rays and took really good care of us. She is doing better we where worried about the swine flu cause they have closed down the schools here because of this virus. She did not test for that praise the lord.
Sunday night Ben got the opportunity to preach at Juniors church. It went well, he stole Brad Duncan's mirror illustration but changed it a bit. It got attention and seemed to land the point.

We are looking forward to being home in a few days. We are going to try and connect with Jim Thorp before going but getting around Sao Paulo is tough.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Please pray

Today we woke up to news that a dear friend of my dads that we just met last night was killed in a car accident. My dad was thankful to have had another chance to see him last night. He was a kid in the Mexico 70 favela that came to know the Lord in one of their first outreaches. He left the slums and had been sent out as a missionary to plant a church in the north of Brazil. Pray that the church will be comforted and that if Melissa and I should extend our time here a few days to help with a ministry time on saturday that it will be clear.


Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey guys we are in Sao Vicente, we left Campo Friday it took nine hours to drive from there to Sao Paulo the drive was so beautiful and the kids did such a great job being in the car that long. We did have a rough time when we got in Sao Paulo we ended up getting lost when we got into the city. We drove 3 hours to find a hotel when we got to one we were so tired we all crashed. Thank you Lord for a warm bed and Hot coffee in the morning cause we got both. We woke up and reunited with Karen and Larry they drove us to Sao Vicente.

Mexico70 is a ministry in a favella (Slum) it was started by a girl named Kelly. She was telling us that the Lord had given her direction and a heart for the children in this favella. They rent a house where the children from mexico70 come. It starts with worship with the kids then snack after that they go into their age groups and do a bible lesson for 45 minutes. The kids ages range from 3 to 14. They get to share the gospel with the children who then tell there parents about the Lord. Please pray for this ministry, they are in need of a better building. The one they are in is not in good shape and the landlord doesn't seem to want to fix it. Also pray that they will get more workers ;) and reach the families in this slum. We got to help today it was such a blessing to be there my heart really reached out to this favella, to the children and the parents I wish i could do more work there, i know by praying for them i will be apart of it even if God doesn't call us back here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Moriahs Birthday

I wanted to post some pictures of Moriahs birthday it was a lot of fun we went to a place called the magic balls. The kids had such a blast, i enjoyed watching them play with the other kids there even though the language was hard. I dont think Moriah will ever forget her 9 th birthday.

Campo Mourao

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Campo Mourao

Pictures of Calvary Chapel's property in Campo Mourao. We will post pictures of the village across the river tomorrow, it is quite a contrast. We will also post pictures of Caminlho Melhor where I will be preaching Thursday night. Pray as the children's ministry and evangelism in the village is the kind of ministry we really enjoy. This area is quite different than the massive cities of 20 million and 4 million we had been in.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Leaving Curititba today. Mixed Emotions.

Yesterday was Moriah's birthday. Melissa will post more about that when we get pictures from my mom. It was the first day I began to get a heart for this city. It has been very difficult for me here. Things have not gone smooth at all. From being lost constantly, language, and not seeing the need of the city I really was getting a bad attitude. I was recognizing it as spiritual warfare but losing. Oh yeah, we can't take a shower unless one of us is willing to get lit up like a Christmas tree to turn it on(the shower heads heat the water, there is a short in ours that makes you get shocked when you touch the handle). Not to mention last night right after dinner, thankfully, the power went out. We found the breaker in the house it was fine, it wasn't until this morning after calling a few people who were typically Brazilian and unconcerned that I found the outside breaker. Sleeping in a foreign environment seemed scary the night before when Melissa asked who we would call if someone broke in, she thought maybe you call 411 instead of 911 I didn't follow the logic but perhaps shes right. We laughed about it when we also realized even if we got the police on the phone what would we say to them. It got scary with no power, and colder it was in the 40s last night.

Well yesterday as we walked around Curitiba looking at the city with our new friend Thomas I began to see past all the negative stuff I just wrote. I seen the people, I seen the hurt, I seen the emptiness. It may not be different than many other cities but it is full of hurting people just the same. We walked to a cathedral in the city center. There were people siting, people going in to pray, people on their way to work. A couple of people stuck out to me. There was a young man in the cathedral that looked desperate for hope. I don't know if he was there seeking it and disappointed, or just a young street person looking to sit down. I wished I had something about one of the churches here to give him. Part of the spiritual warfare we have experienced in this city is never quite being prepared for anything. Outside the church I seen a man dressed as a woman that was walking along obviously in his own world. It is always sad to see someone who's mind is no longer working whether it is mental illness or demonic influence. Later on we were in a very rich area where a woman and her kids sat begging and selling gum on the side walk. It was a seriously rich street, rodeo drive like, and everyone ignored her.

We went on from there to have a good time at a kid's place that Melissa will write about tomorrow. It was the first day things had calmed down, then it nearly ended in tragedy. As I was changing lanes I saw a motorcycle coming quite fast, they blow between cars in spaces so tight you can't believe it. I got back over, this happens a lot, but unfortunately he seemed to panic and locked up both his brakes. I watched in the mirror as his bike went sideways he laid it down and began fliping down the street. I was well ahead but he was going fast enough that his momentum carried him up to us and his head hit our bumper hard enough to do a little damage. It will be another interesting day to deal with the rental company on that. We pulled over and went back to him. He had a badly tore up knee, my stomach still gets queezy remembering as I can almost feel it. His hands were tore up and his bike was a bit damaged. He didn't want to call the police or an ambulance because he didn't have proper papers and it wasn't a case of me hitting him he thought he would get in trouble. We said we would give him a ride to the hospital, our guide st. Thomas took my mom, Melissa and the kids back to the world of magic balls. While we were waiting for that a woman stopped to talk to him who decided to go get stuff to make a splint for his leg before we left. He thought this would be a good idea so after Thomas returned we waited 10-15min before putting him in the car. My dad walked his motorcycle back to his house around the corner. She returned with a couple scraps of card board and gause. I don't think it did much. We loaded him in our car and took him to his house so we could open the gate and put his bike away. We finally were on the way to the hospital, 45min after the accident. Of course his insurance was for a hospital on the other side of town.

The amazing thing is that Augusto, the bike rider, remained calm and friendly the whole time. This was his second accident in 2 weeks, the other leg was already tore up, he told us it was his second trip to the same hospital for the same reason. Augusto was a confused individual, claimed to be a shaman(a shaman is like a witch doctor) someone who desires to communicate with spirits. Augusto spoke good english and my dad was able to share the gospel with him. He didn't have a dramatic conversion experience last night but Thomas told us that for him Christians stopping and taking him to the hospital rather than trying to make sure we weren't blamed was probably a new experience. I will be praying that God breaks through and that the spirit he ends up communicating with is the Holy Spirit. We left him last night with 50 reais($25) for a cab and to help with the broken mounting bracket for his speedometer. I have his email address and hope that I will see him one day.

All this stuff that has been happening could easily detour us from our goal of becoming missionaries. It doesn't make it seem as fun and exciting. I wouldn't take it back for anything though. This morning I am more determined than ever to press on and follow my calling and dream. I will stand firm against the enemy and grab hold of whatever the Lord has for us next. Melissa and I were talking this morning and I appreciate her all the more because these hardships have not deterred her either. Thanks for your prayers, pray we can be more prepared to share the gospel with more people. Pray for protection as we travel to another city, God provided guides for us today He is more active than the enemy and more faithful than we deserve. Pray that we will stand firm, get along and that the kids will continue to be a blessing and enjoy themselves.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Preaching when jet lagged!!!!!

Saturday I had the opportunity to preach at an old roommates church. It was great to see old friends and where they are. It was one of the most difficult times I have ever had preaching. I really felt like there was a lot of spiritual attack. I got seriously lost. On top of that I struggled to study. I didn't feel like it went well but it seems like one of those times that what I shared in spite of how I felt was exactly what people needed to hear. I still don't think it was communicated well. Oh well.

We have been very busy. I can't believe its Sunday night already. We still haven't adjusted to the time buts its ok Brazilians tend to stay up late and hangout till midnight so we are doing good. Curitiba is a beautiful city reminds me of Seattle, the buildings are amazing. Today we went to a street market I can't even describe how many vendors where there. It was cool to see that many people out walking around eating talking they really do enjoy life here. I like that they seem to take time for everything like eating, talking,and family. It seems like we as Americans tend to rush around in our busy lives and miss out on our culture, friendships and family.
Tonight we had church at another Calvary chapel in Curitiba. Ben and i are staying here at the church and the kids are with Karen and Larry at a hotel. anyways Larry preached tonight I was down stairs with the kids. they let me share a bible story and an American game we play at church called 4 corners they that. My kids are doing good with everything from traveling to not being able to talk to new friends. Daniel went to a friends house today and played ( i was a little nervous but he did good:).
we are not getting used to the roads here we have gotten lost a dozen times, poor Ben he's doing good i wouldn't want to.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Arrived at our first city where we will minister

Wow, driving is Sao Paulo is harder as I get nearer to being an old man. I thought I might back out on renting a car on the ride to the budget location. I survived though, decided to think of it as the gran tourismo video game I was playing the night before. Well, I am going to try and force myself to sleep at 1:20/9:20 and see how it goes. Sorry about all the spelling errors in the last two posts. We may try and correct them, but may also let them slide as a result of jet lag and endless travel hours. By the way Brazilian rest stops own ours. Buffets, clean bathrooms, great service, and run it up on a credit card they hand you when you walk in.


Wonderful first night

We spent our first night in Brazil with good friends watching our kids play guitar hero. What a small world. They generously, too generously, gave us their bedrooms and slept on their livin room floor. I am once again amazed by the graiousness of Brazilians.

Pray for us today as we attempt to drive to Curitiba in a rental car. Pray we are able to get ahold of our contacts there as we have not spoken to them yet.

Bless you,


Thursday, July 16, 2009


we are here. in Sao paulo. the flight was long but the kids did great. our longest flight the kids enjoyed there own personal TV:) they loved it and so did Ben and I. Blockquote

I wanted to share how amazing God is. we had the opportunity
to meet a wonderful man on the plane i belive was a blessing from God. He started sharing with us about his life nine months ago his wife and himself where in Georgia getin ready to celebrate there 45 anneversary she stepped outside to get a paper when she was struck and killed by a 17 year old kid driving a pickup truck. Her husband came outside and found his wife dead. He said He was filled with the holyspirit and started sharing his faith in the lord and gave him a bible. As he was telling me this i am crying.

Ben taking over the story.

This man, Norm, a long time gideon really blessed us. He has used the tragedy of his wifes death to give out hundreds of Bibles and lead many people to the Lord. We left him in the airport in houston with a prayer and a tearful goodbye.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally on the way!!!

Larry Crawford kindly gave us a ride to the airport this morning. Now we are beginning a long process of sitting and waiting. Our first flight doesn't leave for 1.5 hours. Hope the kids do well.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One More Week

Wow, we leave one week from tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly time goes by. These last few weeks have felt like a time of deep personal growth. A time of becoming more comfortable with who I am and where I want to go. As we get ready to go to Brazil for three weeks to see if that strikes us as where God is calling us I have really reflected on what I will do. It has lead me down a road of why I will do it and what am I trying to accomplish in peoples lives. In the end it has brought me to a desire to become more Christlike to everyone around me. I want to be a Christian that draws people to me and ultimately to Christ. Because of His love in me, my treatment of others, my compassion on the hurting and I want to come to a place with as little condemnation as He brought to the world. Here is a message I gave at church on Sunday, it probably shows a little of where I am going. There is a list of recent sermons on the bottom left.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

We are getting excited!!

We are really getting excited as time quickly passes. It feels accelerated by our opportunity to work with the youth at our church over the summer. It was a lot of fun to watch Melissa play with the middle school kids the other day. It is also a crack up to watch Moriah, Daniel and Juliah as they interact with the "Big Kids".

We really appreciate peoples receptiveness to the flier we have been handing out and the people who have given already. Without partnership from friends and family we wouldn't be able to do what God is doing. It is amazing to realize the increased blessing of someone contributing to us versus winning the lottery or something like that. The partnership is really appreciated.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Special Thanks

I wanted to tell my buddy Jeff of Jeff Jimerson Design thanks for his help on our page header and our broucher.

Thanks Jeff

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're Going to Brazil

Hey everyone this is our new Blog. We are getting ready to head for Brazil this July. As we are overall considering missions, we want to experiment with this form of communications.