Looking Ahead

Where we are going

June thru September 2012

  • Visiting our church and families and friends in the States.
  • Praying with our leadership back home about our next steps 
Our mid to long term goals are under revision
A few areas of current work and future interest include
  • Riberinhos, people who live on the river in semi isolation. We have purchased a boat, we visit a small village semi regularly and as we learn more we will venture further
  • Our neighbors and neighborhood. We spend a lot of our energy on individual discipleship of hurting and at risk people who live around us. We would like to see this grow into some sort of program focusing on whole life discipleship. Spiritually, walk through the word. Physically help them meet immediate needs. Educationally help them build the skill sets for a better future, especially the teens.
  • Bolivia, we have gotten more connected in Bolivia. We are helping, as we are able, a Brazilian couple living in Puerto Suarez as missionaries. The biggest needs there are discipleship of kids, an orphanage and prison ministry.