Thursday, August 6, 2009

Leaving today :(

Today is our last day in Brazil, for now. We are going to have lunch with Jim and Corene Thorp and head for the airport. Sorry blog updates have been slow, internet access isn't easy right now. Thanks for your prayers we look forward to seeing you all.


PS here are pics of Sao Vicente

Monday, August 3, 2009

hey sorry its been so long since are last post. We are doing well we are back in Sao Paulo. Staying with some friends. Moriah has been sick we ended up taking her to a children's hospital, they took X-rays and took really good care of us. She is doing better we where worried about the swine flu cause they have closed down the schools here because of this virus. She did not test for that praise the lord.
Sunday night Ben got the opportunity to preach at Juniors church. It went well, he stole Brad Duncan's mirror illustration but changed it a bit. It got attention and seemed to land the point.

We are looking forward to being home in a few days. We are going to try and connect with Jim Thorp before going but getting around Sao Paulo is tough.