Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We are weak

The last few weeks have gone by in a whirlwind.  We have seen a dozen doctors, MRI’s, x-ray's, blood tests and a surgery. Thank God most of the hard stuff is in the past now. Juliah is a trooper she continues to go 3 times a week for a new cast and cleaning. She has finished her antibiotics and meets with the doctor again today.  For all who don’t know what happened I’ll sum it up for you. A week ago last Sunday Juliah fell off the bunk bed and broke her arm. On the way to the hospital Ben felt sick halfway to the hospital Ben got out of the car and wanted to switch drivers as he was going around the car he fainted. He hit his head pretty hard. Juliah ended up needing surgery and Ben ended up with a swollen eye the next day or so. Ben had MRI’s and X-ray's to find out he damaged some membrane in his sinuses. After all that he ended up getting sick with what we think was a mild case of Dengue fever. Wow I’m tired even after writing all that. We also almost lost our tickets to the States but praise God we didn't.

In reality these are minor things in comparison to others, compared to cancer or some fatal illness or even death.  But even in those things God continues to walk with us and give us strength.

I have been reading in 2 Corinthian's 12 about the trials Paul faced, this “thorn in his flesh” we really don’t know for sure what that was. We can guess it could have been a illness of some sort or a spiritual thing or even persecution. It says Paul prayed 3 times for God to remove it from him yet all  God said was “My grace is sufficient for you,for My strength is made perfect in weakness” God didn’t remove this “thorn” he used it to keep Paul dependent on Him and destroyed his pride.  I’ve learned through the  difficulties in my life that I have a chance here to have a deep dependence on Him and to give up my self reliance. It is so hard to do that when the world claims self sufficiency every where.

Teaching Juliah about this today gave me a little chuckle. I tried explaining to her how God uses things like a broken arm to trust Him and let Him help us and how He is there. She looked at me and said she really didn’t understand, but shook her head anyways. I wasn't going to give up. A couple minutes later she was in the kitchen trying to pour water for herself but she was struggling. She was trying to hold the cup in one hand and looking at the bottle of ice cold water on the counter. I smiled and ran to help her. I said look this is a great example of how God works. If you had both your arms working you could of done it all your self no problem, but here I am wanting to help you pour your water and I like to help you and I don’t like to see you struggle. Jesus is the same way Juliah he is there to help when we are weak. Through your weakness He is made strong. She looked at me and took her ice cold water and  smiled, my heart broke cause I know she understood this time.

   I just want to say thanks to all who helped and prayed for us during this time especially our church. We love you and miss you all. 075