Sunday, October 16, 2011



We just returned to Foz do Iguacu from a scouting trip to Corumba. I still have many hours of prayer to process all that happened but want to share some early thoughts with you. There is very little doubt left in our minds this is where God is calling us. Maybe a touch when we remember the heat, the bugs, the heat, the remoteness, the heat, attacks from the enemy, oh and did I mention the heat. It was by far the hottest place we have ever been. It is early spring in Brazil and it was hot the second the sun was up. Sometimes late at night there was a comfortable breeze but for the most part we just sweated.

way home 290

Alannah had the hardest time with the heat. She had heat rash, was constantly covered in sweat and got several mosquito bites but was pleasant most of the time. Too illustrate the heat there, most of the showers we seen don’t even have the ability for hot water.

On to the good. We really enjoyed the journey there and back. We seen a lot of open country and many animals. Including, Emus, deer, toucans, parrots, foxes, cranes, giant man eating cranes, enormous demon possessed road runners and much more.

When we arrived in Corumba we got a hotel. It was pretty dirty and certainly didn’t have any other families there but it was cheap and had air.


We began staying at this church the next day. While there we were able to attend an annual meeting of the Baptist churches for the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. We met many more people then you normally would in a six month period.


The kids were welcomed like we couldn’t believe. They were almost celebrities. I guess it isn’t every day a family of 6 Americans shows up at the end of the world. We were so blessed to see them make so many good friends.

For us and our ministry it was an incredible time. First of all the association of Baptist churches there is strong and committed to outreach. They are very welcoming of us and I got the chance to get to know two of them fairly well, at least for a 4 day period. They are currently reaching out to the ribeirinhos and have the desire to touch the less reached neighborhoods of Corumba. There was an American missionary presence there 10 years ago with the IMB (Southern Baptist). They left behind a good amount of structures and facilities for outreach. This looks like a relationship that could grow, they have an unused chapel in a neighborhood we may be able to do some kids stuff in.

One thing that came out of their presence there, the former missionary started an organization to continue ministering there. The Imb has changed focus to mega cities and tribes. They have purchased a small farm, have a missionary that arrived last April to oversee it and are currently praying for workers. Their vision for this property lines up very closely with what we desired to go there and do. It is early but this appears to be a work of the Lord. We went on faith and were encountered buy a Mississippian named Buster who couldn’t believe another American was there, much less a family wanting to live there.

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There were plenty of challenges, we had some scares, I had a baby tarantula land on my shoulder, we face difficulty with the heat and much more. Nothing will be easy. There is much mocumba (Brazilian witchcraft) and Satanism there. The poor are very much wrapped up in that and spiritism. However the ability to do the things God has placed in our heart is ripe. Some buildings will need built, some money will be needed but God is able.

I could go on forever about all that happened there and could happen in the future. It is early though and what God will do is in His hands not ours. The point is this is where God is calling us and he has paved the way. Be praying, the warfare is thick but we are moving forward.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don’t lose focus

We are out of our house and free to begin planning our move. Free to scout out Corumba’ to be sure we are hearing rightly from the Lord. Free from the worry and stress over losing out deposit and the injustice of house rental in Brazil (at least for the moment). I should be relieved and excited, instead I find myself flat. Not excited, not frustrated, not joyful, not depressed just flat. As I sit here this morning, thankful to see Melissa excited about a trip to Corumba I begin to realize why my heart is empty.

I had been focusing on me, my family a bit, loosing supporters money, the injustice of being asked to paint a house inside and out for thousands of dollars, focused on lots of things. Unfortunately the Lord wasn’t my focus anymore. Instead of seeking Him each day I have been waking up, trying to get out of the house, find leverage to use in the deal with the landlord, think of how to make the next month work. Very little of my time, in all honesty, has went into abiding.

This isn’t the first stressful or frustrating relationship breakdown I have ever had. Yes he asked for such unreasonable things it left no room to meet in the middle. Yes I would have liked to have a friendly ending. So what. I have learned that these things can only bother you while you are going through them. They are only worth the stress equal to the amount of time you will remember it in the future. I will have forgotten this in 2 weeks, barring no further problems.

I have a loving savior that desires my time, a loving father that has gently led and called me to Brazil. I interact every week with an incredible culture, going into a favela, teaching a little bible study in the home of some teenage girls. Perhaps having an impact that will last long after I am gone. I am forgiven of the way I treated my family during the stress. Forgiven of the daily shortcomings I can’t overcome. Why is that sometimes not enough to keep me focused on the one who has done it all. Colossians tells us all things will be brought together in Christ, he is all in all. Nothing else should matter.

I don’t want to get caught up in my struggles as a missionary in a foreign land. I want to remember to seek God, love Him, serve Him, pray for my friends and family. I hope you all feel free to write us and ask for prayer. We often have time. I want to be as concerned with the needs of all our friends back Home as I am with mine and those around me. It is just hard sometimes. I often feel like I am on an island, there are people around me but I am different. Only my needs exist and perhaps I begin to ignore the lives of those around and those at home. This breaks the purpose of the love one another relationships we were created for and begins to eat away at me inside.

Pray I get on track with daily seeking the Lord. Pray I lead my family in times of prayer for others. We have done this much of the time here but with stressful situations you can get thrown off course. In the next couple transitional months pray we get back on track quickly with the most important thing. Seeking the Lord, daily time in the word with no agenda. Abiding, seeking, obeying, loving and caring for others.