Monday, January 4, 2010

Praying and waiting and waiting....

It seems time has flew bye since are trip from Brazil. Ben's been attending Cornerstone's School of Ministry, and Ive been working at the school subbing and doing many other things to make a little money. God has been so amazing these months(He's always amazing) guiding and preparing us for His ministry. We been so blessed bye numerous people around us simply by asking us about Brazil, to prayer and helping with our physical needs. We appreciate everyone so much for there support.
Its January and we have been praying and asking God for direction for our family, its exciting being a family and waiting on the Lord for direction but it can also be a little hard. The kids amaze me daily at there attitudes towards leaving everything they have ever known, to a world unknown. Our prayer time is so sweet, just to see there hearts for the lost and there questions about the future. I pray for them and ask you to join me. To prepare there hearts and to help Ben and I to be parents first. As a family I want to know Gods heart for Brazil and how our family can be used to glorify and bring honor to such an wonderful God!!!!